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Tell me something. Does anybody really care anymore. Since there is no useful music news this column will be a sort of editorial comment. I've searched high and low for some relevant news and everything comes up, 'Napster'. WHO CARES!! Who cares that Metallica and Napster have settled? Who cares that Napster has agreed to begin charging for its downloads. Let's face it folks. Napster is dead. The free, digital music revolution has begun and there doesn't seem to be any end to it. Now, I don't necessarily condone downloading mp3's because let's face facts, this is our favorite bands earn their living. What the recording industry needs to realize is that if we can get it for free, then, we're going to. Napster died, and from it's ashes rose Audiogalaxy, Bearshare, Music City Morpheous, among others. Point is, kill one and another will take its place. As long as free file sharing technology exists there will be mp3 filesharing. How do you stop it? Well, I've got ideas but I won't share them here. I want my mp3's too. Later.
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